List of abseiling sites in Israel

רשימת אתרי סנפלינג בישראל


Rappelling is a trip that requires advance preparation and an understanding of the nature of the trip and the route, it is a trip that is not suitable for everyone, but those who have already experienced it testify that it is an adrenaline-pumping experience that can suit almost anyone.

Rappelling trips
There are complex trips that require assessments and professionalism, you cannot just go on these trips without preparation and without a professional team, Habel Eretz company has the knowledge, ability and experience to lead trips all over the country. Rappelling trips are a challenging pastime that includes, beyond the surfing itself, also trips to wonderful spots in nature and maximum enjoyment of nature in all its glory, here are recommendations for some routes and sites that combine rappelling trips.

Stalactite cave
In the settlement of Atarot, in a somewhat unexpected area, there is a special cave that few know about, a cave to which the entrance is only by ropes. The trip is suitable for adventure lovers and you can enjoy them right in the center of the country in the settlement of Atarot near Jerusalem. This impressive cave was accidentally discovered during earthworks that took place there. The descent into the interior of the cave is unique and different because the sliding is actually carried out without a wall to which you connect, but rather a bell-shaped cave opening to which the entrance is from the upper opening and you slide down the bottom of the cave. The trip also includes the need to get out of the cave, which requires the use of means such as a rope ladder which is required by reality in order to get out of the cave. Inside the cave we can enjoy unique phenomena that have been preserved for millions of years inside the cave.

טיול במערת נטיפים מדהימה בעטרות ליד ירושלים

floating stream

One of the favorite abseiling sites in Israel, is in Nahal Rahaf in the Judean Desert. The route goes over the impressive replica cliff with a series of no less than 9 waterfalls of different heights ranging from a few meters to 35 meters of sliding down the cliff. This diverse sequence of waterfalls allows people of a wide level of experience and professionalism to enjoy a wonderful abseiling trip. The bonus on this route is the fact that the rest of the route is also challenging in itself and has pegs and ropes as part of the route all along the way. The rains that fall during the winter, although they are not many, often change the surface and actually create a new reality on every trip, this in addition to the bonus of the full water during the winter months creates a perfect hiking route.

טיול סנפלינג רטוב לנחל רחף

Nahal Tamar

Nahal Tamari is a spectacular hiking route that serves as an excellent abseiling site and one of the most beautiful in the Judean Desert in general and in Israel in particular. Nahal Tamari offers abseiling enthusiasts a beautiful and impressive excursion regardless of surfing that is seasoned by 4 waterfalls, the lowest of which is 25 meters high, while the longest of them reaches a height of 60 meters. The trip starts near the Dead Sea and heads across the spectacular desert towards the desert plateau. The walk in this section takes about two hours and must be organized accordingly. After the climb, the descent will naturally begin and the waterfalls, each of which is more impressive than the previous one. It is recommended to use the service of a professional company such as Habel Eretz for the planning and implementation of the trip.

טיול סנפלינג אקסטרים לנחל תמרים

zavitan River

One of the favorite abseiling sites in the country is in the Golan Heights, the route of Nahal Ziztan allows for a variety of types of trips, those who prefer abseiling will choose the Black Canyon route, which is a perfect route for the summer months when in other parts of the country there is difficulty in long trips. The route that can also suit less experienced travelers incorporates surfing at heights of up to 20 meters, a route that also combines stone steps and pegs and of course large and impressive natural water pools. The route in the Nahal Ziztan is one of the most sought after in Israel and since the Corona period it is necessary to register in advance in order to secure your place for a visit to the site.