Keshet Cave

מערת קשת

Keshet Cave is one of the most impressive natural sites in Israel, and is an international attraction that attracts many tourists, climbers and abseiling enthusiasts every year.

Merat Keshet, located in the Western Galilee in the heart of Adamit Park in the Batz Reserve, on a high cliff at a height of 400 meters above sea level.

The uniqueness of Merat Keshet is that, despite its name, it is not a cave at all, but rather a kind of mighty and magnificent stone arch, hanging between heaven and earth, with an abyss beneath it.

The history of Merat Keshet

How was the cave formed? It depends on who you ask…..

In the past Keshet Cave was indeed a cave closed on all sides, but during long-term geological processes during which the rocks from which it was built gradually dissolved and the spaces and cracks in it were widened, its southern opening was exposed and its ceiling collapsed, and of the cave that was left only the arch above its opening and hence its name.

The Legend of the Cave Bandits

At the same time, the legend says that in the past there lived in the cave a group of robbers who made a living by robbing passers-by who passed by Nahal Batsat. One night one of the robbers had a dream in which God appeared to him imploring him to stop robbing and even warned them that if they did not return to their beneficiary their end would be bitter. In the morning the dreaming bandit woke up kicked, and in a panic told his friends about his dream, and asked them to stop robbing and robbing and become farmers like everyone else, but the bandits were not convinced. The dreamer continued to plead and harass his friends to return to the beneficiary until they gave up and decided to get rid of him. They promised him that they would rob just one last time the big caravan that was supposed to pass there and then they would stop their evil deeds. To this end, the bandits asked the dreaming bandit to stand as their observer at the top of the cave, when in fact they were waiting for the first opportunity to push him and throw him into the abyss, but just then the good god collapsed the ceiling of the cave the bandits were standing on and they collapsed with it, while the only place left on its end was the place the bandit was standing on The dreamer - aka the rainbow that exists to this day.

By the way, despite the geological changes, walking on the arc is safe and not dangerous 🙃.

The spectacular view from Merat Keshet

The view revealed to the traveler from Keshet Cave is spectacular in its beauty, and allows an impressive view of the Upper Galilee, the Mediterranean Sea and the Carmel Range.

Rappelling, is the most common sport in the cave, which allows the surfer an exciting surfing experience of about 30 meters high in the air, surrounded by a spectacularly beautiful panoramic view that makes Keshet Cave one of the most beautiful surfing spots in Israel.