The Heartbeat of Hevel Eretz

Setting out on a journey as a group is special. Each person brings their own unique perspective and together, we craft an experience that stays with us long after the trip ends. Within the group, there's an immediate sense of connection and understanding. It's in the shared moments of discovery, the laughter in the heart of nature, and the joint experiences that bring us closer.

As the trip progresses, the dynamic of the group naturally changes, and there's a sense of mutual support. People who started as strangers become friends, and together, everyone plays a part in the journey's narrative. This group dynamic enhances the exploration and solidifies moments that inspire confidence and growth. It becomes less about the landscapes alone, and more about the shared memories and the bond formed among the group while exploring nature's wonders.

At Hevel Eretz, we deeply value the sense of community. But what does community mean in the context of our adventures? It's more than just being part of a group; it's about forging bonds that last a lifetime. These journeys we embark upon are not solitary endeavors; they're shared experiences, memories made in the company of both old 

But our community isn't confined to the duration of the trip. The bonds formed on these adventures spill over into our digital world. Two dedicated WhatsApp groups serve as an extension of our journeys. 

The News Group - keeps members updated about upcoming trips, ensuring they never miss out on an adventure. 

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The Chat - other is a vibrant space where travelers share stories, pictures, and insights about abseiling, the wonders of Israeli nature, and the thrill of exploring new terrains. This open chat acts as a reservoir of memories, advice, and the collective wisdom of many seasoned adventurers.

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In Social Media

And then there's the online presence led by Shlomi. His social media accounts serve not just as a chronicle of past adventures, but as an invitation to future ones. Through videos, lives from trips, and invaluable tips, he keeps the community engaged, informed, and always eager for the next outing. The content isn't just about showcasing the beauty of Israel's nature, sea, and desert; it's about maintaining a continuous dialogue with the community, ensuring they are always in the loop, always learning, and always looking forward to the next great adventure with Hevell Eretz.