Hevel Eretz

Dive into journeys where fun adventures meet Israel's open and hidden landscapes. Innovation is in our DNA. We’re always looking for fresh, exciting ways to showcase Israel’s beauty. Be it a tranquil path less traveled or a lively interactive session by a bubbling stream, our approach ensures that every trip is unique, keeping the spirit of adventure alive and kicking. Experience nature from a fresh perspective, deeply connect with and feel Israel, all while enjoying unique adventures and extraordinary group experiences, crafted with a method we’ve developed.

The Method

At its core, the 'Hevel Eretz method' is as much about an inward journey as it is about exploring the physical world. It’s all about empowering oneself by finding one’s own rhythm and nurturing a connection with nature.

Developed by founder Shlomi Loboton, based on years of guiding trips and utilizing therapeutic techniques, the Hevel Eretz method aims to offer travelers a holistic experience. This combines the raw excitement of exploring with the acquisition of meaningful knowledge. But what truly distinguishes this method is how it ties all the elements into a story, fostering empowerment and a genuine connection to nature.

The story is crucial. As we navigate Israel's landscapes, every rock, cave, or stream has a story ready to be uncovered. Our guides, enlightened by the 'Hevel Eretz method', seamlessly intertwine these stories into leisurely excursions, enabling travelers to not just see but truly feel the land’s heartbeat.

Empowerment is another fundamental pillar of the method. Through activities like abseiling, caving, and climbing, participants unearth strengths they were unaware they possessed. The method emphasizes flowing with and deeply immersing oneself in the journey and the revelations of each moment. It nurtures confidence and trust, not just in oneself, but also among fellow travelers and guides.

Shlomi Loubton

Explorer. educator. nature guard

With an extensive background in geology, biology, hydrology and treatment techniques, Shlomi has unparalleled experience. All these combined with his passionate commitment to adventure are the guiding forces behind every expedition. Shlomi is not only a tour guide; He brings to life a rich narrative of exploration, inviting adventurers to become an integral part of the journey and embody the spirit of curiosity and discovery. Shlomi's background in therapeutic techniques combined with his ability to use nature to empower and develop are the core upon which the Habel Eretz method is based. His ability to tell a story and carry people along with him and his great love for nature and the Land of Israel are the basis for the magic of the unforgettable trips of Habel Eretz.

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