Where can you abseil in the north?

היכן אפשר לעשות סנפלינג בצפון?

The north of the country, the truth of the Golan, the Galilee and its valleys. It seems that we know everything that these places have to offer, and here is the big mistake, the exposure to the world and the culture of travel has led to a flourishing of diverse types of trips, including abseiling trips at different levels that can be found and tried throughout the northern region.

The north, everything can be done there
The north of the country is a general definition for a large and wide area that is very popular with the Israeli audience. The wide variety of entertainment options in this region are many and varied and can be understood with the help of the fact that it is a variety of different geographical areas. Starting from valleys full of springs, through the Kinneret and the valleys, directly above which stretches the special Golan Heights, through the Upper, Lower and Western Galilee to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore there is no activity that you cannot find in this area. The Habel Eretz company specializes in organizing and leading extreme trips throughout the country and especially in the north of the country and provides rocket services to a variety of abseiling sites spread out in the north of the country in well-known and well-known places as well as abseiling sites in the north that are less well-known. In the following list we will show you a variety of sites in the north of the country where the abseiling experience is possible.

Keshet Cave One of the abseiling sites in the north preferred by travelers in the north is Keshet Cave located in the Western Galilee. Browsing on this site is extremely convenient and therefore becomes a favorite of many travelers. Surfing in Merat Keshet is mainly negative surfing, that is, it is carried out without a wall or cliff along which the surf is carried out. In this way, the surfers enjoy a unique and particularly enjoyable surfing experience, as if they are hanging in the air with the entire landscape spread out in front of them. Surfing in Merat Keshet is considered particularly successful and can suit surfers of all types and levels, making it one of the best in the country. With the end of the surfing, we continue on the route for about another hour during which there is a challenging section that requires the use of cables and pegs fixed in the area together with a variety of animals and birds of different types.

Rappelling at Dalton Cliff
The Birya Forest is located in the Upper Galilee not far from the holy city of Safed, the Birya Forest has a variety of activities for the whole family that can be experienced, but we are engaged in abseiling in the north and therefore we will concentrate on an experience that allows learning and experiencing the abseiling experience in the north. The wonderful view that is there and allows views of the Golan, the Hermon and the Hula Valley, form a perfect background for gliding down the cliff. The cliff itself is not particularly high, 20 meters high in total, which makes it comfortable and very suitable for those interested in a first experience with the world of surfing or for a multi-age family experience. Not every abseiling trip has to be for beginners only. And you can get all this goodness in a complex that also allows for additional combined entertainment with a variety of options.

Surfing and climbing in Beit Oren
One of the recurring motifs of abseiling sites in the north is the fact that they combine a variety of activities within one site. The number of travelers and the fact that many of the sites that allow abseiling in the north are often part of a system that allows a relatively wide variety of different and varied extreme activities and trips. The activity at the surfing complex in Beit Oren is suitable for the whole family, of course with the guidance of qualified guides that we at the Hebel Eretz company happily provide for trips in a variety of forms and ways. The route intended for abseiling in Beit Oren is experiential and is used mainly for initial experience and practice of the required technique and is therefore suitable for the whole family . The experience of surfing in Beit Oren is relaxed and does not require walking an arduous hiking route beforehand.

Nahal Avni Bazalat  
On the Naftali mountain range with a wonderful view overlooking the Ramim range and the Hula valley, there is a basalt stream which gives us the possibility of a combined trip of a beautiful walking route in itself and during which there are several positive waterfalls (gliding along the wall) whose height ranges from 8 meters in the lowest waterfall to 30 meters at the highest waterfall. The entire route combines hiking and cliff surfing along a route that will take a period of 4-6 hours during which the travelers will descend along the stream with the help of surfing in the various waterfalls until the end of the trip at the 30-meter high waterfall, upon completion of the descent along the route, it is necessary to climb back to the vehicles in about an hour's walk ascending towards the starting point, meaning it is a circular route.

Jilbon stream
The basaltic Golan Plateau is a perfect home for a wide variety of streams and ravines, quite a few of which produce breathtaking routes and some even allow trips that can be combined with experiential and successful abseiling. One of the better routes in the southern Golan Heights region is the Gilbon stream which combines a slightly challenging walking route and within it two waterfalls at heights of 18 and 40 meters where wet surfing is carried out, that is, surfing in a flowing waterfall with the cool waters of the Golan, which creates an unforgettable experience Appropriate for an abseiling trip in the north. The route that runs between the two waterfalls, Deborah and Gilbon, is actually a circular route where you go down with a trip and slide to the lower pool, after which you return to the vehicle by climbing to the starting point.

zavitan River
Nahal Ziztan, located in the Golan Heights, is considered one of the abseiling sites in the north that are preferred by many travelers. A trip to Nahal Zavitan allows for different types of itineraries. Travelers who like abseiling will choose the Black Canyon route. The Black Canyon is a perfect route for the summer period when the weather in the rest of the country hits the heat with all its might. The route, which can also suit less experienced travelers, incorporates surfing at heights of up to 20 meters, a route that also combines stone steps and pegs and, of course, large and impressive natural water pools. The route in Nahal Ziztan is one of the most sought after in the country and since the Corona period it is necessary to register in advance in order to secure your place for a visit to the site.

Via Prata in a high ridge
The Via Prata routes are an import from the Italian language and their meaning is a trip along the route there are steel cables to which the travelers connect in order to pass through points with a risk of falling or slipping. This type of route, whose name means iron roads, named after the cables used for it, is very common in the world, and in Israel, such a route has been prepared on a ridge above the Hula Reserve. To move forward, one of the highlights of the route is a cliff at a height of 20 meters which must be descended by abseiling in order to move forward on the route. The route, despite the above description, is suitable for almost any age and is highly recommended as a family outing full of excitement and adrenaline along the entire route, which is one and a half kilometers long and takes between three and four hours of wonderful time for the whole family.

We all know the north of the country, most of us have made various types of trips there, some on foot, some in vehicles, and there is always something more to find and discover. The abseiling sites in the north scattered along the length of this wonderful region of the country provide another possibility of recreation, abseiling in the north is a pastime that can suit families of various ages or alternatively for adventure and thrill seekers of various kinds, we at Habel Eretz will be happy to accompany you on your next trip.