An abseiling trip in the Gilbon river - feel the wonders of nature:
An abseiling trip in the Gilbon river - feel the wonders of nature:

תאריך ושעה: שני 23.4.24 בוקר 9:00

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Route details


Before we get started, we start with clear explanations and demonstrations. You start on the plain and learn everything you will need to go on an adventure. After that, we let you try it out, making sure you're relaxed and ready for all the fun abseiling ahead!

Initial browsing

Debora Waterfall: We will start our adventure by abseiling down Debora Waterfall, a 20 meter high waterfall.

A trip to Nahal Gilbon:

After the initial descent, we will walk along the Gilbon stream. Our path will range from a walk in the gentle currents of the stream to the nearby paths.

The highlight

Rappelling Gilbon Falls: After an hour's walk in front of the landscape, we will reach the summit of our journey - the majestic Gilbon Falls, which rises to a height of 45 meters. We will surf among its flowing waters, until a large and peaceful pool. Here a 15-meter swim awaits us, a refreshing end to abseiling.

Terms of cancellation

Between 7 days and 2 days before the trip: a cancellation fee of NIS 75 within 48 hours (less than two days) of the trip date: a cancellation fee of NIS 150.

On the day of the event: a cancellation fee of 100% - in case the weather is extreme and the trip cannot be taken out on the day of the trip 50% of the trip amount will be refunded and the rest will stand as a credit for the realization of all experiences in the region, the credit will be valid for 3 months

if there is a minority of registrants (less than 6) to be notified up to two days before and a full refund.


  • There is no guarantee for devices or equipment that break down as part of the activity.
  • The activity is carried out in accordance with the rules and instructions of the circular of the Director General of the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • The trip can change according to the instructions or the discretion of the professional guide in the field.
  • If necessary, we will jump vehicles to the end of the route.