The Secrets of the Salt and Hidden Beaches trip
The Secrets of the Salt and Hidden Beaches trip

Date and time: שבת 18.5.24 שקיעה 14:00

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Route details

Study of salt formations:

We will delve into the world of salt wonders, from lace tiles composed of glittering pearls to huge salt cubes.

Turquoise Hot Springs:

Enjoy a visit and a possible dip in the spring that is abundant with warm turquoise water - a peaceful oasis among the salt.

Black sinkhole phenomenon:

We will learn about the formation and meaning of black sinkholes, with insights into their creation and the geological processes that take place.

Sources of the Dead Sea:

Explore the ancient stories and geological events that gave birth to the Dead Sea.

Salt development:

Travel through time as you understand the formation of salt over the ages.

Water and Beach Research:

Discover the layers, colors, minerals and algae that thrive in the water. Immerse yourself in the natural art of a Hof that has been shaped over thousands of years.

Terms of cancellation

Between 7 days and 2 days before the trip: a cancellation fee of NIS 75

within 48 hours (less than two days) of the trip date: a cancellation fee of NIS 150.

On the day of the event: a cancellation fee of 100% - in case the weather is extreme and the trip cannot be taken out on the day of the trip 50% of the trip amount will be returned and the rest will stand as a credit for the realization of all experiences in the region, the credit will be valid for 3 months if there is a minority of registrants (less than 6) to be notified up to two days before and a full refund.


  • There is no guarantee for devices or equipment that break down as part of the activity.
  • The activity is carried out in accordance with the rules and instructions of the circular of the Director General of the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • The trip can change according to the instructions or the discretion of the professional guide in the field.
  • If necessary, we will jump vehicles to the end of the route.