Rappelling adventure in Merat Keshet: floating in a sky landscape
Rappelling adventure in Merat Keshet: floating in a sky landscape

Date and time: Saturday 25.11.23

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today's program


Before we get started, we start with clear explanations and demonstrations. You start on the plain and learn everything you will need to go on an adventure. After that, we let you try it out, making sure you're relaxed and ready for all the fun abseiling ahead!

The abseiling:

We'll embrace the adrenaline rush while gliding down about 30 meters, all the while surrounded by a breathtaking panoramic view, which makes Keshet Cave one of the leading abseiling places in Israel.

Back to view:

After abseiling, we will go for a 20-minute walk along a marked trail. This route offers views that stretch over the vast valley to the sea.

Terms of cancellation

Cancellation 5-6 days before the departure of the trip

- 50 NIS per participant Cancellation 3-4 days before the departure of the trip

- 150 NIS per participant Cancellation 48 hours before the departure of the trip

- full cost per participant Please note: payment and registration do not constitute confirmation that the trip is leaving.

A trip departs only after there is the required minimum number of participants.

If the trip does not take place due to a small number of participants, we will inform you up to 3 days before the departure date of the trip.


  • There is no warranty for devices or equipment that break down as part of the activity.
  • The activity is carried out in accordance with the rules and instructions of the circular of the Director General of the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • The trip can change according to the instructions or the discretion of the professional guide in the field.
  • If necessary, we will jump vehicles to the end of the route.